Thursday, January 13, 2011


I wore two clashing prints yesterday to work. I paired my striped top from SM, with my checkered thrifted skirt. I thought they won't blend well, but hey they look good together right?!

As you can see my shoes are of clashing prints also. I guess I am working three kinds of print in one outfit! Amazing!:)
 And here is the back part of my top, it's sheer and I love it! There's hint of sexy back. :)

Here's a stolen photo of me while I am trying to put on my moss green turban. Funny face! What do you think of the turban? I guess it went well with my outfit.

Got to go ladies I need to do tons of stuffs and time is ticking so I'll leave you with these photos!Have a nice day ladies!:)

striped top- SM Department store
checkered skirt- thrifted
sandals- So Fab!
turban- from supplier


  1. I like this piece :) It reminds me of summer. I think it's better with a large head band instead, imho:)

  2. Great hair!
    Please do visit my blog :)

  3. it's my first time to see so many prints in one outfit... but i think you pulled it well :) great job!

  4. what lovely hair you have (so shiny!) this outfit is adorable!! I love it!


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