Wednesday, January 12, 2011


And so I guess I will finally reveal my new hair! Haha! It's just the same only that I have my bangs trimmed, the length was cut into almost 2 inches. Then I got it rebonded with cellophane. I was thinking of getting a TOTAL hair makeover like short bob of some sort but then I am happy with long hair so I just sticked with it. How do I look anyway? 

So I finally I met Cheena of The Photographer's Girl last night. She used to visit my blog and the moment I checked on her blog, I felt the connection instantly. We have similarities and I like her fashion sense a lot. I have been chatting with her on facebook and I finally decided to meet her. I knew then that she likes photography, and it just so happen that I am looking for a photographer for my shop. And because of that we met for a collaboration.

Before I continue my story, I would like to share to you what I wore last night. I couldn't think of any outfit. I know how fashionable Cheena is, and I am just shy to look so dressed-down in front of her. So to look a bit fasyon  yet comfy, I wore my maxi skirt. 

accessories galore!

Then after this shoot in the office, I hurried straight to Trinoma our meeting place last night. I guess I came on time. Hehe!

We had dinner at Cafe Breton. Sorry for not having photos of what we ate last night. It's just that I get so comfortable chatting and eating with her; that I came to realize I don't have any photo of our food just in time I took my last sip on my orange juice. Haha!
my empty plate of Chicken Run Sandwich
Then after chit-chats and planning about the shoot, we had a mini photo shoot courtesy of kuya waiter! haha!

...and for our outfit pose! Tada! Don't you just love Cheena's outfit? I love it to bits! I enjoyed the whole night with her! I felt like I found my soul sister! I am looking forward to another bonding session with her! Love you Cheena!

striped top- Cosmopolitan
maxi skirt- thrifted
necklace- from supplier
wedges- Parisian Jr.
accessories- random


  1. Awww you didn't tell me you got Llora as your photog??? This is flippin' amazing. Haha. Buti ka pa nakita mo siya; haven't seen that girl in ages. <33

  2. Oh and, sorry, I'm more used to calling her Llora than Cheena. :p

  3. awww you met her na!:) i want too also! loving the maxi skirt on you!

  4. @ Bestie: I'm more used to teasing you and calling you Cecille than Bestie. Lol <33 And please, let's reunion even without ate tin.

    Denise! My oh my! I need to update all the dates I missed and finally upload my end of the story! I love the dinner, your outfit and meeting you! (:

  5. You both look really cute! I love both your outfits! :)


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