Friday, January 14, 2011


I never thought  I would ran-out of clothes; because most of them needs an appointment to Mr Iron (you know what I mean hehe!). And so I just pulled anything inside my closet that's not wrinkled. This lace polo will never be wrinkled I guess. To add a hint of man-nish feel, I put on my tan vest from Fievre!

Anyway, I am about to watch Twilight Saga Eclipse. I downloaded its full version. I know I know I am so damn late of watching this movie, but it's just that I wanna keep-up on what i have missed on the Twilight Series before the Breaking Dawn will be released. I am pretty sure I am gonna watch it with hubby, this time on the cinema already!

Need to hurry now ladies, I still need to go to work. Few more weeks and I am on my own, :) Have a nice day!

Lace polo- thrifted
vest-from fievre
oxfords- Archive Clothing
accessories- gifted
pants- divisoria


  1. Gotta love how you styled the girly lace with a vest :)) <3

  2. Love the details of the vest, denise!:) loving it on you!


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