Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We spent white Christmas with my family. As in literally white. All of us three wore outfits in white. We went to my hubby's place to visit his relatives and to meet other family friends.
Our mom and daughter white outfit. I opted not wear leggings to match Marise's dress.

Some bonding time with my hubby and daughter.

And a bit of what hubby is wearing that day. He's just so game in this snapshot haha!

And to document how playful and NOISY my daughter is, just judge the photos. Haha! Her playmate seems not listening to her blabs, she just  opted to look at my camera ahaha!

 I envy my hubby's new monitor screen! So huge.

Time for some spam outfit photos haha!I warn you tons of my photos you are about to see. :)

I gifted myself a new white sandals from Parisian Jr.

So how was your Christmas Vacation?

white dress-thrifted
belt-from supplier
sandals- Parisian
bracelet- gifted


  1. http://legallypinayeunice.blogspot.com/2010/12/legally-pinays-first-giveaway.html

    hi denise! join my first giveaway! :))
    happy new year sweetie!

  2. Napaka adorable talaga ng baby girl mo :)

    I like your background. It reminds me of our apartment when I was young. Ganyan ganyan din very random.

    Nice white dress and sandals. :)

  3. hi denise! happy holidays! love that the three of you all wore white on christmas! loving your white sandals too! :)


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