Sunday, December 26, 2010


Nearly couple of days to go and we got to change our calendars already. Most of us will probably kept writing 2010 on their notebooks, and will tell themselves " ay 2011 na pala!"  then along came laughter. 
 For me, as the year is getting sooner to part ways, these days are important time for me to reflect the past year, and to plan the coming year. I may not get all what I planned for 2011, but I know I have to do something to achieve them. If God won't permit them to happen, I would very much likely to embrace it. I know for a fact He has plans for me.

If I fail, the best thing I could to is stand-up again. Heal the wounds and get back the energy lost. Move one. Do my thing again, and continue to live. The world won't stop for me and wait. I should learn how to walk with the tune of time.
I know 2011will be a very surprising year for me. For a lot of change will happen to my career. I am yet to reveal the treasures. I know the road will be tough, but I know sooner or later every hardship will pay-off.  And so what a better way to start the year right than to plan ahead of time, get organized, and jut-down list of what I should achieve at the end of the coming year. I am so thankful that my hubby gifted me this 2011 planner from TOMATO! He got this for free when he bought me clothes worth P1,500. I so love the mustard yellow color!

I am loving everything in shade of brown, from nude to tan to mustard yellow to yellow. I am up to collect more of things in this hue!
Plus I gifted myself a new pair of wedges from Parisian Jr. at SM Department store! I got this on sale at a price of P350! I am so cheap when it comes to buying a gift for myself!

 I wish this coming year to be organized with my life. To let all things fall on their proper places at God's rightful time. To make my family healthier and happier. To live life to the fullest with all the persons whom I love so much! And of course, a wonderful career life for me, my hubby, my papa, and my brother!

Let us change for the better this 2011. Embrace new situations, and open your eyes to more perspectives because the only thing constant in this earth is change. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

 PS: Watch-out for Simone's Closet 2011 Vintage collection!

*the blouse and skirt will be on sale at Simone's Closet on JANUARY 2011!


  1. I like the whole piece :) It could be better if you took of the stockings. Just mho. :) happy newyear.

  2. aww your hubby is the sweetest :) and I really love the new header!

  3. A lovely post, I hope that your wishes come true in 2011!

  4. Hope 2011 brings happiness to all of us! :) I love your outfit. Especially the top and skirt. And those shoes are soooo cute! I love your style. Can't wait to see your outfit posts of 2011!

    Love & Labels


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