Saturday, December 25, 2010


MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! How did you spend your Christmas Eve? Well me, I had it with my relatives in Antipolo. I guess we had a blue Christmas, as in literal blue, for most of us wore outfits in blue. And even my cutest baby wore everything from head to foot in blue! My hubby wasn't able to join us for he was so busy with their grocery. Lots of people we're doing last minute shopping so he needed to stay. Anyway we will be visiting his relatives today.
Meanwhile, my Marise is enjoying the stuffs above this table. She enjoyed playing everything that's in there!
Then dinner came with our pot-luck food. So yummy! I guess I need to cut my eating habits this holiday season haha! 

 Then after the tremendous eating session with the relatives, it's time for a chit-chat session! Plus some wines and cheese on the table!
 Of course I have to escape the scene along with my baby to have a little outfit shot! And since I cannot please my brother to get my photos, and my hubby is not there to be my photographer, I had my cousin do the role! haha! He's so charming anyway!
 I decided to wear a blue ensemble to match my daughter's outfit. She is even wearing a fake glasses then but she removed it when she saw the toys from the shelves when we got inside our Tita's house.
She's enjoying playtime session with the russian dolls.

 To burn the fats we gain from our dinner, we stroll around the subdivision for a 30-minute walk. It was cold outside!

 And for my solo outfit shot... tada! I removed my chain headband, Marise is too interested with it so I kept it instead before she breaks it.
My new nude satchel bag from SM

....and my new royal blue flats from SM too!

My baby's entire outfit courtesy of Gingersnaps!

PS: I need a hair makeover now! haha! Plus a strict carbo diet! And I guess I got the sign already. I choose to be better, and so I guess I need to follow my heart , and my mind's opinion. If I fail, at least I have tried, after all how would I know if I don't give it a shot! 2011 will be a year of major major change in my career!:)

black and white top- divisoria
blue skirt- from supplier
shoes- SM
Bag- SM
accessories- random find

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  1. Wow, Denise! Your daughter is beautiful and she has your eyes. Merry Christmas! :)



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