Thursday, December 23, 2010


     Last Saturday was our company's Christmas Party held at San Juan on our bosses' condo. I took advantage of the few hours left before the program started, to have some photo shoot! I so love the outdoor lighting  plus the vision of the skyscrapers behind the misty clouds! And since our Christmas party is like a mini-game olympics, I opted to wear something comfortable for me to be able to move around, run around while hosting. 

       I didn't join the game, but I won a trip to Boracay! But since I cannot use it for some reasons, I sold the tickets to have few cash in hand! I so enjoyed the shoot and the location, it gave me peace of mind and new visions in life as I stare upon the horizon.

     In my previous post "Where do I go from here?" I said that I have to choose between two important things. Up to now, I haven't got any clearer picture yet, but I do hope after Christmas I'll get a sign telling me that my decision is the better choice. What if I fail?


striped top- SM
pants- thrifted
wedges- Parisian Jr.
accessories- Quiapo


  1. nice outfit!

  2. Loving these photos, what a great photoshoot place!

  3. Love the trousers, the bag, everything denise! :) praying you get the sign that you needed this Christmas, sis :) Mwah!

  4. Hi dear! drooling over your pants! I love it. I just got back from a looong break from blogging and I just saw the note you left me. I messaged my digits to you through facebook! (:


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