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          Why is it that every time I think of going a step forward for my career, everything seems hard to handle. I am no ordinary youth, I am a young mom, who balances career and family. I just don't know if I am being sentimental only, or is it because I am alright with the fact that my job is in "lax" mode, and I am getting afraid to be used to going home late or forget about any family gatherings. There are a lot of factors that somewhat hinders me to achieve my goal, but then again I also tell myself that I am doing this not for myself only, but because I wanted to give my daughter the best life I could ever give. Maybe in my mind I can say that I am ready to face anything, no matter how difficult, but it's just that I don't want to give less time to my daughter. Am I really ready for a big opportunity? Or am I just being emotional that all I could think is give-up the opportunity if in return I will sacrifice my time for my daughter? Am I just weak or what? Tell me. Help me. All I want is to get the dream job I have ever wanted without taking away my time with my daughter, my source of strength and happiness. 

Sorry for the gloomy post, it's just that, I am on the turning-point of my life. I just wanna know your opinions, especially to those moms out there, or young moms like me. 

Polkadot top- thrifted
maxi skirt- thrifted
shoes- Parisian
bag- from Landmark Trinoma


  1. I guess--it's a matter of time management. When faced with decisions like these, I think it is better to talk/discuss it with your hubby, since whatever you choose will not only affect you, but ur family as well,=)

  2. Its hard being a young working mom. I'm not on that brink yet, but I am studying and I can already feel the pressure of wanting to give Athan the best in life and every good thing that he wants. But before I had this big opportunity that came for me and I had to risk being with Athan just to get to that dream, so I declined it. I couldn't give my time with Athan up. I figure if I decline that, something better will come a long because God knows what's best for me. :) How about you, denise? If you think this opportunity will have a big hindrance to your relationship with your daughter then, I guess its not a good thing, unless you can manage it very well.."time management" as ann said :) Maybe you can take the opportunity and still make time for your daughter :) Maybe you can work something out, right?:) Good luck, denise! Hope everything goes well!


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