Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Before I make my entry about the Brown Bag Market Bazaar last weekend, I wanted to share to all of you what's keeping me busy, aside from my online shop, and taking care of my family. I have a new baby now, her name is Vedette.

I write articles for their blog and I must say, their shapewear are all excellent! I mean the moment I held one piece I can feel it was really made well, and the designs are very intricate. So if ever you have any interest on wearing a shapewear you can visit Vedette's Blog to see the link to their online shop!

You can show some support by following them on Vedette blog! You can see there the articles I have written. Yey! And the people behind this big brand are mostly Filipinos! So if you have time, please do check their blog, and follow them.

Though Vedette Shapewear is an international brand, it is starting to invade Philippines. Just last September 2010 issue of FHM Magazine, Vedette Shapewear was featured in a 5-page advertorial (will post some scan pages as soon as I get the copy). And just weeks ago, it was featured on QTV 24.


I hope you could help me spread the news! And I hope you'll support me and my new adventure in blogging!


  1. cooolest! vi wanna try their body shapers! <3
    and also, congrats with your succesful bazaar!

  2. @ THRIFTY WISHFUL-FASHIONISTA: thanks so much! Please do support Vedette blog and follow it! I will talk to them about giving away shapewear :)


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