Monday, November 22, 2010


Wore my favorite black cape to work on top of my lace tiered top that I got from Marise at P200. And though I wanted to wear the lace top alone, I can't because it's sheer and my boss might scold me for doing so. And to remedy the sheerness of my top, I put over the cape that I got from an ukay store a year ago. I remember I was then looking for a dress when I saw this versatile and gorge cape hanging on the corner of the ukay shop. I tried it on and saw how gorgeous it fits me. I have worn this several times and I think you will see this cape on more of my posts. Wonder how much I got this one? Well I had her at P60! What a cheap find right?

PS: Brown Bag Market Bazaar has kept me busy this weekend. Will tell you more stories about it soon!:) Watch out for my next collection! Coming out soon!:)

lace top- bought from Marise
cape- thrifted
pants- Divisoria
shoes- Parisian Jr.
hat- sm dept. store
accessories- Quiapo
bag-Parisian Jr.


  1. Ah, the constraints of conservative office rules! haha But you looked very cute in it anyway! Have a good week ahead!

  2. nice black cape!:) can't wait for your next collection and story about brown bag market!:)

  3. @tabitha: thanks so much! yeah the constraints, but hell yeah anyway, I can wear them to other events naman :)

    @ ava: yeah super kwento ito, sayang at di kita masyado nakachika, kasi naman teh, ang baho ko na that day, kakahiya!kakalerkey!:) but I was so happy to see your whole family there!:)

  4. i could really use a cape like that, we have strict dress code in school. hehe.. anyway, ngayon ko lang napansin, you have really nice hair.

    I Am DollParts

  5. wow you have a really great sense of style :) please check out my blog


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