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I love how this royal top from my new supplier suits my body type! I am so in love this one that I wanted to buy this for myself, but hey I am reserving this to the one lucky lady who might want to buy this gorgeous top! Don't you just love the sleeves and its color?:) Check my shop if you want to buy this fab royal blue top. Just click my shop's logo on the left side bar.

Anyway, dressing the part has deeper meaning. It's is not just about dressing-up because of the trend, or wearing clothes because you want others to notice you. I was inspired by Pinky of Flavours of Style's Post about drawing the line in blogging and in fashion. Everything she said there is what I feel about my blog right now. I feel so low whenever I see blogs soaring high with numbers of followers, flooding comments, and bursting points in Chictopia. It's not that I am envious but it's because I tend to compare my blogs to them. I can't help but do that, I am just a human. I tend to think that I a cannot call my self a fashion blogger, I don;t have flooding comments, nor thousands of followers, and even my points in CHICTOPIA is nothing compared to those fabolous ladies.

If I learned something in this blogging thing, that is, to love your own, love yourself, your own style, even if a lot of people don't see you. Ever since I started this blog, all of my outfit shots represents who I am and my fashion sense...simple, laidback yet adventurous. I may not be as fierce as Karla Derras, or as Whimsical as Rebecca, I can say that I own my fashion style, I don't try hard just to please other ladies, I dress because I wanted to feel proud of my self. This is who I am and this is my blog.

To quote what Pinky said to her blog : "Since then, I always try my best to draw the line. I always remind myself that I blog for no one but myself. I blog because it pleases me and makes me happy and not because it pleases other people. I blog to express myself and to somehow share my 'personal style' no matter how little idea I have about it and not to uphold a certain reputation. Just because I'm happier and more satisfied that way."
I love what she said. Very Inspiring and truthful.

To wrap all of these, I just wanted to clear that everyhting I said here is just an expression of what I truly feel. HAVE A GOOD DAY AHEAD!:)

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  1. What a nice post Denise :) More than anything else, I believe our blogs should really express who we really are.

    That top really suits you, ikaw na lang bumili! ;D
    Miss you, see you soon :)

  2. that's very true. that's why i decided to name my blog: my fashion, my statement. because we are who we are no matter what. :) don't worry about it, for all we know there are a lot of girls you're inspiring - just like me <3

  3. true. blog for yourself and be happy :) you're inspiring in your own way and being you is what matters. :) i get that feeling of jealousy too sometimes, but i just think that God will always have something for me :)


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