Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Before I move on to the tagged post of Eunice of Legally Pinay, I wanted to share what I wore yesterday to work. I felt like I wanna go on a university uniform, and so I pinned my handmade brooch on top of my blazer to have a feel of a student. Then for the first time I braided my hair sideways, that's all I could do haha!:)

Pardon the other blurry photos, my camera sucks and I need to fix it right away. Icannot bring my dslr everyday, for it's big and slightly heavy. So I just rely on my ever supportive handy dandy digicam. haha!
This week will be one-week of a hell, I believe! Tons of works to do plus up coming events!


Moving on to the tagged post, there are few questions I need to answer here it goes:

1.who or what is your inspiration in coming up with your blog? 
My blog started out of my passion and love for FASHION. Iw anted to make an online portfolio of all the clothes that I have worn to see how my style evolves over the time. Plus this blog serves also as my outlet of expressing my creativity in terms of fashion, writing, graphic designing, and layouting. 

I made this blog to somewhat help my online shop to give a bit of promotion. And of course to meet new lovely and fashionable friends!:)

2.What is that one fashion item you can not remove in your outfit?
Well I guess flat shoes. I can go out with short skirts, or sleeveless tops and dresses, but I cannot go out without my comfy flat shoes. I feel sexy and confident with my flat shoes on. Though at times I admit I love spending for killer heels and wedges, but if you will check my shoe rack, all you could see are flat shoes. It's like, no matter how high the heels I am wearing, I always end up looking for my flat shoes. I just love it like that!:)

3. Who has the biggest influence on you?
Influence on what"? FASHION? It will be my dad. He taught me when I was a kid that I should know how to dress-up appropriately, everything should match with each other. He always wants me on dresses, with tights or stockings, plus shiny charrol shoes, and hat. As in terno! I will show you photos soon! (Gawd I made a bit of flashback aw!). 

But above anything else, in general, God has influenced me to do what I need to do, even if I know I'll be hurt in some ways, I know He knows better than me.

 And so yeah, I just did answer all the questions of the tagged post, so here's my chance to share my own award:

I am giving this to my fashionista friends whom I met here in the blogsphere. But before mentioning their names I wanna ask something:

Show me a fashionable photo of you when you were a kid, and a fashionable photo of you on present time, and tell me how you've changed over the years.

Pass this over to your 5 FASHIONISTA FRIENDS!Enjoy!:)

Jonessa of Scarlet April
Nikki of Niknok Style
Vern of A shoe Tale

frilled dress- thrifted
blazer- thrifted
leggings- mom's
brooch- handmade
shoes- divisoria


  1. I've bee trying to find those type of brooches everywhere! Where can you get them? Or how did you make them to begin with? :))

  2. awww! hahahaha! i hope is still have childhood photos dressed up in my favorite dress :) god, embarrassing ata hehehhe

  3. Love your blazer!!!

  4. Aww thank you so much!!! :D hope to see you soon!!

  5. wow!! omg thanks for this award, denise!:) super flattered! will blog about this soon!


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