Thursday, November 18, 2010


Last November 7, 2010 My brother treated the whole family for a lunch at guilligan's in Trinoma. He just got his first pay check from his work, and so he shared his blessings to us. It was so timing that that day is also our parents anniversary, and so as a gift to them I bought them a sansrival cake...their favorite.( I will blog about this family bonding event soon! Gawd lots of family bonding to share to you haha!).

And so we (my baby and I) found away to dress-up for our LOOK-A-LIKE post. Our trip this time, plaid skirt.


This is my take for the plaid skirt trend. I thrifted this skirt a year ago and I am so happy to have this piece cause it's so comfy and the cloth is superb. I paired my plaid skirt with my army green and shoulder-padded top. Then I cinched my waist with my grey wide belt.

As for my little one, I let her wore her purple plaid dress with a cutesy black garterized belt. Isn't she cute?And hey, Dora has a cameo role in this photo, can you spot where she is?:)

Our photo before we left. This was taken by my brother minutes before we went to Trinoma.

Then this one was taken by my father. I looked so bloated in here, gosh I have eaten so plenty that day!Hahaha!:) And Marise was in her tantrum mode at that moment, she wanted to buy toys and ice cream, and so we hurried inside Landmark for some toy-shopping.

Tune-in again for another episode of our look-a-like segment!Hope you enjoyed it!:)

army green top- Secret Paris
Plaid skirt- thrifted
belt-from suppplier
flats- divisoria
accessories- Quiapo


  1. hey, simone! what's up? your blog is really cute, I love it.

  2. omg so adorable!!!:) love plaid on you denise!=)

  3. reminds me of high school uniforms :) pero carry mo pagdadala :)

  4. bakit si marise parang walang effort lang mag-smile? heheheh

  5. Love the plaid skirt!!

    Soldiers in Ayala malls!! :) Hihi!



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