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Last Tuesday, September 28,2010,me and officemate/friend went to KOTEX WOW event organized by Kimberly Clark for their launching of a new feminine pad.We were invited by Aisa, and from that moment on, I was super excited for Tuesday to come.This was my first ever blogger event that's why I am excited and really looking forward to it.

I really prepared for that day, and planned what my outfit would be;since the theme is fun,flirty, and girly, I wore my newly thrifted denim-faded halter dress above my cream chiffon see-through victorian dress, plus with my newly-bought tan belt from SM.

To complete the look, I wore my new ribbon heels that I bought from a multiply shop, and put on my simple make-up and lovely accessories. I dolled-up myself for I know,there will be lots and lots of picture-taking to happen.

And so,before we leave, I had my outfit photo taken.I took advantage of the good sunlight.

And so we headed to Bizu at Greenbelt to meet such lovely bloggers whom(for the first time) I will have a chance to talk to(in person).

WOW means "Why only White?"

The girls are starting to invade Bizu,each are armed with their fab outfits and witty personalities.

While waiting for the other girls.

Here's Vern, she's the one I got the first chance to talk to.

She's so pretty and sweet. I noticed her because of her lovely purple pumps and floral blazer(which she said is thrifted, nice right?).

Alex and Liz

Alex and Liz are both nice,plus I love their outfits,very fasyoon!Alex wore a floral dress, tights,and Doc Martens boots. Liz wore an all black ensemble: LBD, blazer, and supah fierce studded booties!Oh and not to forget, her lovely headpiece.

The girls in "chika" mode :)

Of course the event wouldn't be complete without yummy food! Yey!
But since fashion bloggers love photos, we had TONS of picture-taking before we were able to munch on those delicious food.

Bestie, my dear officemate Marise, and Me. The electric fan blew my hair haha!

Picture- taking with Vern,Lloyda,Aisa, Ana,Ava,Bestie, Marise,Me,and Nori

WithVern and Alex

Yummy dessert!:)

After an hour of chatting with the lovely ladies,the program started by introducing ourselves,and answering the question"If you were a brand,what brand are you?" And so I told "If I were a brand,I would be my own brand...Simone's Closet for it depicts my personality.And for a second option, I would be an UKAY brand."Whew!That was a tough one!

After the beauty-pageant-like question and answer portion, we were then presented a short presentation, on how Kotex has evolved over the years of its existence while maintaining its level of superb performance, to give quality products to all the women in the world.

Check this link to finally reveal what Kotex have for us ladies!:)

The WOW lookbook

Ta-dah! Introducing Kotex Luxe

Don't you just love its tagline? It's something really girly and very catchy!:)

Before we all went home, we were given WOW loot bags containing these pads...
Who wouldn't enjoy using these pretty pads on their "it's-that-time-of-the-month" days right? No more boring white pads, cheers to a pretty colorful ultra-thin feminine pads that offers ladies a wide array of designs to choose from...


now who will not enjoy having a monthly-period? :)

After the launching of the TVC we were then asked to design our pads. Were given a sketch of the feminine pad then we need to design and whoever wins will get a special gift certificate from Kotex.

The girls on their "art -attack" mode

My design consists of flowers and swirls

Ater sketching, I had a photo with Vern. (thanks to Mich, Aisa's better-half)

A photo with Aisa, Alex, and Vern

My officemate's winning piece! A lovely blue butterfly

Liz "Project Vanity design, won

My buddy also won!Yey!

After the program and all. it's now time for a MAJOR MAJOR picture-taking! And here how it went...
Yay! We covered the WOW wall already!haha!

Me who also covered the WOW wall! :)

My dear buddy, Ate Marise

My Kotex experience that night is something I will really really treasure and something I will trip down the memory lane when time comes my daughter will turn into a lady . This is something I wanted to share to her. I know Kotex at that time has gone so far, and this is something to go back to what Kotex has done to us ladies back on our time.

This is my first blogger event, and I must say, this really a night of FUN, FLIRTY, and GIRLY with Kotex.

Thank you so much to all the ladies I met that night! Thanks to Vern ( pretty!pretty!), Bestie(my chic muse! I am so happy to finally meet you!), Ava (you are so pretty and slim mom! inggit ako!haha!), Aisa( super thanks for inviting me, more to come ha? so we can talk na ng bonggang-bongga!), Ana (thanks for sponsoring my giveaway!you are so lovely that night!), Lloyda (I wasn't able to talk with you but sincerely, you look awesome that night! Hope to chika with you on the next!), Melai (again, we weren't able to talk, I hope on the next I will be sitting beside you na!), Alex (it was nice meeting you! you rocked your boots that chic!), Liz( thanks for chatting with me! Your outfit is stunning!), Mich(thanks for patiently taking our photos on that night!You're so game and cool!), and Nori ( it was nice meeting you! You are so sweet!).



  1. Finally get to meet you again last Friday Denise!:)) Cant wait for more events so we can talk more ;)) You look cute and sweet as always! :)

  2. Wow, looks like you had an amazing time! Fab outfit too!

  3. Denise!:) finally your kotex post!:) hehe. Glad to finally meet you!:) your shoes is adorbs!! till next time!


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