Monday, October 4, 2010


I was invited by my dear blogger/friend Ava and Liz to attend this fantastic beauty and fashion event, and though I had work then, I still managed to go there. Special thanks to Ava's friend Stef, who was the organizer that day,she's so very accommodating and so pretty!

A total of two events in a week! So happy!

But before I went to the Vanity Fair, I had two meetings, and one museum tour at Greenbelt, and so it explains why I had my outfit photos taken there.:)

So here how it went...

Move on to the event.I saw at the Vanity Fair my chic muse Bestie, the ever fab Ava, gorgeous Ana, and sexy Alex.

When I arrived there, I saw my fellow bloggers playing a game on stage. I was laughing to death, to see these fashionable ladies went crazy over the game. So cute!

After the game, Liz gave us fellow bloggers some tips on how to manage and make our blogs worth reading. I like Liz's outfit then, so chic and some sort of vintagey.

I was so happy to see lots of booths pampering and giving make-over to all the attendees,but I wasn't able to try them for I was busy packing all the freebies they gave us.

with Krizzy

It was so nice to meet her! She's so friendly and sweet!I hope to see you more on events like this!:)

With Bestie
Then while waiting for the rain to stop,I chat with Bestie and Ava.These two girls are so nice! I hope to bond more with you girls!:)

who wouldn't be happy with these freebies!yey!

Even though I went home late and tired because of the big plastic bag of freebies,still it was a very happy evening. Thanks so much for the organizers of this event! I hope to be invited once again on these kind of event!

See you ladies on our next!:)

nautical top- thrifted
leggings- SM
Blazer- thrifted
shoes- from supplier
accessories- Quiapo
bag-gift from hubby


  1. Wow, nice freebies,=)
    Love ur blazer girl!

  2. Dearest! :) Thanks so much! We almost werent able to meet and take our photo! :) Did you get the accessorize event invi na? :) Email me if hindi pa ill send you one! :) Mwah!

  3. Glad you had fun, denise!:) hoping for more events with you!

  4. You looked fabulous for the event! Love the pop of colour your bag adds!

    bubbs :)

  5. Cute!. I like your attire, nice combinations :)))


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