Friday, October 1, 2010


My throat was really in pain yesterday. And I couldn't even stand the cold temperature of our office, that I made my scarf a wrap around my collar to keep my neck warm. The scarf was supposed to be a turban, but then again, it's purpose suddenly diverted.

I guess I got this cough from drinking ice cold fruit juices, and eating cold halo-halo in such a cold workplace. I feel sick but still I have to work, for lots of JOs( Job orders) are piling above my desk.
My turban turned scarf around my neck.
And since the whole day yesterday is rainy, I have no choice but to have outfit photos taken inside our office. (this is what I hate during rainy season).
If you are wondering why our office looks like a house, well it really it is a house turned into an AD AGENCY. So innovative right?

About my outfit. I got this white shirt dress from a thrift store in Quiapo, and I must say it's so classic and elegant, and VERSATILE. You can play with it, pair it with any belts, or vest. I don't regret getting this dress, even if I got colds digging in the ukay-ukay racks, for I can't find such a cheap shirt dress in such a good condition like this one.

I have worn this dress several times already (you can refer to my previous posts for the photos), and I have more styles in mind the next time I will wear this timeless piece again. :)

PS: My Kotex event post is nearly coming! I hope you will still be interested to read about it. :)

white dress- thrifted
belt- tomato
shoes- Parisian Jr.
Accessories- Quiapo

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