Sunday, October 31, 2010


Weeks before the Philippine Fashion Week started, I already am scouting for somebody who can give me passes to the shows. I almost gave-up until someone so kind, shared tickets to me. Thank you so much to Mr. Revo Naval brand manager of SM Men's Department store. He's so kind and very accommodating.

I invited Aisa and Melai that night along with my friend Marise. We accidentally lost each other that night for some reasons. But we managed to communicate via texting. I hope Aisa and Melai did enjoy that night, even though we had not talked that much.

As for my outfit that night, I have decided to wear my tiered dress, blazer, fedora hat, and my ankle booties which I only wore when I arrived at the SMX. Here's my outfit before the event. (minus my booties).

My lovely purple nails and my huge rings from Quiapo

As soon as we get to SMX I immediately changed to my booties, and had my make-up retouched. Then I looked for Mr. Revo Naval for our tickets, and had some meet-and-greet session. :)
While waiting for the doors to open, I met Mr. JP Singson of Metro Magazine. He was kinda lost that night for he was looking the whole time for his Editorial Assistant who kept his VIP passes for the show. So while we both are waiting, we chat on each other, and asked if I could have a photo with him, and he gladly said yes. He was so nice and down-to-earth which you can't see upon looking at him. For my impression before I had the chance to approach him, was, he may not like to talk to me or something. Funny impression right? Hehe! He's just so approachable and kind. It really proved the saying "Looks can be deceiving " right?

I just so love his outfit! I hope Mr. JP would see  this.

Before the show started I asked my friend Marise if she could take my outfit photos before I 'll forget it. (for  I know I would be mesmerized with SM's fashion show, I am a forever fan of SM!)

At exactly 8PM the show started, with Ms. Ria Bolivar as the first model to showcase SM's luxe wear. Then followed by the summer wear, casual wear, then my favorite Parisian shoes. I promise to get a pair this Christmas!:)

I even saw Rosanna. Gawd she's so adorable!:)

Over-all I enjoyed  the show, I liked all the clothes SM showcased that night especially the shooess! But I only saw one problem, my list of my to-buy items is going longer and longer, I love you SM for having so plentiful of fasyon items. Gawd I'll need to save for my shopping spree this Christmas!:)

Special thanks to Mr. Revo Naval and JP Singson til my next PFW!

tiered dress- thrifted
blazer- thrifted
hat- SM
booties- online find
bag- Parisian


  1. aww i wish i was able to attend the SM event, but was too busy :( wish i saw you! nice outfit!

  2. I like your hat! Where do you go thrift shopping? :o


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