Saturday, October 30, 2010


Last Wednesday, I along with my buddy Marise, attended the 7th session of Raw School at the Picadilly Star Bldg. at Taguig. We arrived so early at 4pm (our class starts at 6:30PM) that we have decided to stroll around, and dine for a scrumptious merienda at Mc Donald's while waiting for our class.

It was a good weather then that I have decided to have my outfit shots taken alongside the road, as you can see cars are my canvass on these photos.

Yummy merienda while waiting for our 6:30 pm class

Don't you just love twister fries?I am craving while doing this post haha!

Hiding behind my bag

meet my purple ring

and my off-white ring
 I enjoyed the whole session though the entire room is freezing so cold. I was actually expecting to see Kookie there, for we had our class at the Mediacom conference room. I am really hoping to have a photo with her but sadly, I didn't see her. Maybe next time!:)

Overflowing knowledge  I gain that night is something I will never forget. Something that in some ways, have completed the certain gaps in my career. Peachy Pacquing did open my eyes to a lot of creative possibilities. Nothing is impossible with a creative mind. I am so inspired by all of what she said that night. In the coming posts in my blog I will share to you some of the best ads Ms. Peachy has shown us.
how sweet of you Eunice!:)
Yesterday, was a special day for me, I got an award from Eunice. Thank you so much girl!I will do your tag post soon! I am just on a work hiatus right now. :)

And for those who want to see what happened on my first time on the Philippine Fashion Week, I will blog about it on the coming days. I am just collating all the photos I got that night. As of now, I am off to work now, and some supplier-hunting afterwards. Have a nice weekend!:)

PS: Anybody here wants to be converted to Islam? or wants to be converted to Catholic? I wanna ask some several questions.:)

lace top- c/o MARISE
dress underneath the lace top- thrifted
blazer- thrifted
leggings- online find
shoes- SM
Bag -Parisian


  1. Pretty outfit :)
    and ooh I miss McD's twister fries, I envy you XD

    anyway have a nice day.. happy blogging :)

  2. love the all black ensemble!:) and can't wait for your PFW experience!


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