Monday, November 1, 2010

MY CHIC INSPIRATION:Delightfully Tacky

If there's one thing I wanna do the rest of my life, is to have my outfit photos taken on the palms of nature.As much as the same way this whimsical and nostalgic girl does, whom I adore every bit of her pictures. She spends time in the woods, or in the white sand of the beach, or the rocky plots of the vines, to take her wonderful outfit photos.  I wish  I and my family live in such a whimsical place like hers.

Meet the whimsical girl( I don't know her name if you know her please do tell me her name) of Delightfully Tacky.

Everytime I look at her photos I can feel I am staring at a photo of a botanical fairy. So lovely, so natural, and so whimsy. All her outfits are something wearable for me at work. Not much about wedges or heels, just a simple loaf shoes, and cutesy flats. Not much about too short skirts, or over-the-top accessories, just right to stroll around and show people how naturally fab you are. Her style will defintely inspire me to try new ways to vamp my outfits.

photos are all from her blog.


  1. she takes really good pictures, too.

  2. took your words and paid her site a visit....what can i say but, you're absolutely right. She's just adorable and her photos are just to die for! Thank you for sharing!


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