Saturday, September 25, 2010


I am re-living another segment on my blog which is "The Ukay Item of the Week". This segment features an ukay item from my closet and a little bit of history on how I got it.

And on its comeback I would like to introduce to you ladies, my BOHO DRESS.

I know I've worn her several times, but this is the first time I am going to tell you her story.

If there's a boho dress I love the most, it's my Ray Cassin thrifted boho dress!I love it to death because it's cheap,pretty, and in best quality when I purchased her. I remember when I was strolling around my favorite ukay shop in Espanya, Manila, when I saw her on the hands of a lady, and I felt like I have found the perfect boho dress. I was praying so hard that the lady would put her down so I can get her right away. And luckily, the lady did. As soon as she dropped her back again on the rack, I rushed to her and went to the cashier to pay.

If you're thinking how much is my boho dress, well, I got her for only P65! What a great find right? The dress is comfy, soft, and no damages at all!

This is what a real shopping experience is... you go home happy and guilt-free with your items lingering on your hands, and your pocket smiling because she went home not empty-handed. :)

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boho dress- thrifted
belt- divisoria
shoes- from my supplier
accessories- Quiapo


  1. This dress is gorgeous! But I really fell in love with the shoes :)
    Have a great Saturday!

  2. love the dress & the shoes are perfect with it!!

  3. lovely, indeed :) the shoes are great!

  4. i'm jealous of the dress...i may have a few boho dresses of my own but i can never have too many right? hehehe. the color and cut is just perfect...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥


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