Friday, September 24, 2010


After Iron Creatives I, we are back again on our normal routine. Classes every first and third Wednesday of the month, and lots of though homework every session. And next class will be on October 6, 2010 with homework about Ayala Museum and La Consolacion College(college or university?Correct me if I am wrong).

I know it's far from now, but as I've said on my previous Raw School posts, our homework is not just a simple homework, but a very though one. It requires us to finish it in one-week time, or should I say, almost two weeks. We need to gather more information, research studies, and a lot of analyzing.Add to that the mind blowing brainstorming, and the critical process of crafting each idea before we can finally say...DONE (with pride of course!) :)

And so we started our first step...RESEARCH about Ayala Museum. We went there the other day, but we were not entertained because at that time, Rajo Laurel is having an event there.

We just decided to email the Admin Head first, and hoping that within next week, we can conduct an interview with her.And because we have lots of time left, we used it strolling around Greenbelt for some outfit photos.

I had the urge to step on a plant box, and pose just a little, for I was being stared by passers by.

As you can see, my hair is untidy, and it's all the wind's fault.hehe

I think I can be a great actress, because I can still manage to smile on this photo even though my arm is in pain due to my over weight bag. :)

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Yellow dress- from supplier
black blazer- boyf's
pants- thrifted
belt- F& H
accessories- Quiapo


  1. That belt is beautiful!
    Good luck with the homework ;)
    Have a beautiful Friday :)

  2. love the belt! :) Good luck on your research! :)

    Love, Mickey


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