Saturday, September 18, 2010


MY VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY is finally here ladies! As a tribute to my blog's first year anniversary, I wanted to thank all those who continuously supporting me in the last 365 and one half days, by giving you lots of giveaways.

All of these are c/o by my 3 sponsors! Thank you to Ms. Ally Duazo, Ms. Ariane Palomares (my tukayo hehe!), and Ms. Ana Gonzales for sharing their items for this giveaway!:)

Help yourselves and look at what I have for you on my FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY! Good luck ladies!:) INSTRUCTIONS on how to join is at the end of this post. :)


click the image to see more of ALEX brogues

ONE (1) Grand Prize Winner will be chosen. And will go home with a lovely pair
of brogues from SHOEOLOGY!


THREE (3) First Prize Winners will be chosen. And will go home with P500 each of GC


ONE (1) Second Prize Winner will be chosen. And will go home with an accessories loot

Loot bags contain: 1 bow ring of your choice*
1 black cross ring
1 personalized name key chain of your choice*

*choices are given from the picture. Three bows to choose from, and two types of wire to choose from for the personalized name key chain.

1. Should be a resident from the Philippines.
2. Should be a follower of this blog. If not, you can still follow me.
3. Post a comment under this post with your name and e-mail address.
4. Answer the question:
Describe your fashion style. How are you going to dress me according to your style?
5. You can have another entry by:
a. re-posting this on your blog
b. by adding my shop on multiply: SIMONE'S CLOSET

just leave another comment with the link of your blog's post about my giveaway. And a comment saying you already add my shop.

6. Check your email for my confirmation regarding your entries!

ENJOY and JOIN MY GIVEAWAY! Deadline of entries is on September 28, 2010. Winners will be announced on September 29, 2010. Winners will be chosen via


  1. wow!!!I'm Joining Denise!!!=)
    Okay, am already a blog follower,and I've used my sis' multiply shop to add you before (does that count?=) multiply id: shopaholicpinays)and I've already blogged about your giveaway here:

    Name: Ann

    Answer:Basically, I try to dress for comfort, but I also try to look feminine. If I'd dress you, I'd make you wear a pair of skinny jeans, a crisp white tee,at least 2 Cross necklace and a connector ring, and a pair of white oxfords,=)

  2. congrats denise on your very first giveaway! hope i win too. hee.

    Name: Jonessa Mendoza

    Answer: I like dressing up in a rocker chick way but still very neat and girly. If I'd dress you, I'd make you wear some lace leggings(as I know you like wearing leggings. hee), simple and long v-neck shirt, put on black blazer, pair it with some black studded brogues and a swipe of hot pink lipstick. :)

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  4. hi simone, this is so exiting! =)

    Name: Angela Flores

    a shirt dress, black wedge boots, black boho bag, one gold necklace, and apricot lip tint.

    to check out the set that i made in polyvore for you

    i specially like this one coz it's so balance. i mean if you're on this clothes, u can basically go anywhere and not feel over dressed or under dressed. not too less for Serendra or not too much if you're thrifting. i hope u like it. =)

  5. they say my usual style is casual glam? I dont even know what that means. haha but I love mixing vintage pieces with modern ones. I'd probable dress you in a highwaist shorts, printed polo and brogues. :)

    Added your shop in multiply too!:)


  6. Yay for this! (:

    Hmm I have no idea how to describe my style, as it changes pretty much every day! But I do love the boho look so I'ma dress you up in a flowy dress and braid your hair, hippie-style! (;

  7. My style is a combination of rock chic and feminine flair, but I'm not really limited to these. I'd probably dress you up in a studded cropped top, black ripped jeans and a black leather jacket. Oh and I'd dress your feet with lace up boots. :)

    Added you up in Multiply. :)

    Tanya Baldovino

  8. awesome giveaway denise!

    i'm already a follower of your blog. =)
    my fashion style? hmmm.. i honestly don't know. i think it varies depending on my mood and inspiration.

    so anyway, since i'm feeling grungy and rocknrolly.. id probably dress you with a cutoff shorts, tights, an old vintage shirt, a lace up killer booties and a leather jacket. =)

    I Am Dollparts

  9. hi denise!:) I'm already your follower and you're on my blog roll :)

    My fashion style is pretty fickle. I dress up according to my mood and I like mixing things up :) If I were to style you, i'd let you wear a denim top with floral shorts with a pastel yellow oxfords, floral necklace and beanie :)

    something like this:

    Ava Te

  10. Hey Denise! :) Found your blog through Bestie's link in her blog. I'm glad I found it, followed you right away. I also added your shop in multiply.

    Smarla Angtuaco

    I love mixing up girly and masculine type of fashion. :) I'd dress you up with a floral tube top with a flowy bottom part, a black leather jacket, clogs and nice leggings :D

  11. Hi denise!
    these are great giveaways.sana makachamba.haha

    i dress comfortably and fashion for me is wearing minimalist color.I'd dress you up with nude dress with elegant blazer and lovely heels.

    btw, i also added you up in my multiply.

    Jing Ayuban

  12. i've shared your giveaway on my blog. check it out here. ^_^

    I Am DollParts

  13. Hi Denise!

    I'm a follower and great giveaway prizes..<3

    My style is constantly changing, so I don't really know what to call it..:)

    I'll dress you up with skinny washed jeans, tucked at the front oversized floral polo and the sleeves are rolled up, bronze cuffs and a nude pumps. :D

    will link your badge to my page..:)


  14. can't seem to find the badge code, will link your giveaway on my next post na lang..:D

  15. Hi Denise :)

    1. Melanie Mae S. Entuna
    3. My style is moody and experimental but very practical, edgy chic :) If I were to style you, I'll show off your great legs by putting you in distressed shorts, peeptoe booties, crochet top with black inner lots of mixed rings and body armor accessories. Plus I'll tie your hair in a brush-up high pony. SO sexy and edgy right? :)
    4. +1 for being your shop's friend
    5. +1 because i will be posting about your giveaway! :)

    Mwuah! Hope I win! Can't wait for our collab girl!

    Melai of Style and Soul

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  17. I have blogged about your giveaway. Refer to September 25th entry.

  18. You're also on my Multiply contact list for a long time now.

  19. OMG.

    It is just apt to describe my fashion style as MOODY. So, I am going to dress you the way that I'm in the mood to dress up now--- a slightly loose plain white V-neck shirt, blue skinny jeans, a black boater hat, black nerdy glasses, and that ALEX BROGUES FROM SHOEOLOGY I'M OGLING RIGHT NOW!

    I'll finish the look with a long necklace in gold, red lipstick and that BLACK CROSS RING FROM ANAGON!

    I'm already a follower of your blog via Google Connect/Reader, btw.


  20. also added your online store at multiply.. =)


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