Friday, September 17, 2010


As again promised, here's a short story of what happened to last Wednesday night's IRON CREATIVES I.Sorry for the few photos, I wasn't able to take pictures for I was one of the competitors then.

Since the inception of RAW SCHOOL, nothing pays off the rewarding feeling of having people who understands and support your career no matter what. I have never found such mentors like them, who's very willing to teach you, and inspire you in every single way. I am really craving for these kind of people, for here in our agency I feel alone in the Creatives Department.(enough of my sentiments)

And as of the IRON CREATIVES 1last Wednesday, I proved that Advertising is really my passion (of course fashion also!). I also proved that I can be competitive as the other young creatives of the BIG AD AGENCIES, even if MOST OF THE TIME here in our office, I am alone cultivating ideas.I swear to finish this course, and enroll on the next, and hopefully land a job from an ad agency whom I can feel support, and wherein I can grow.

How do I say so that I can line-up with the young creatives of BIG AD AGENCIES? I have proven it when our team won THE BEST INSIGHT of the night. I am so proud of our 1-hour pressured masterpiece.The panelists were amazed with our work, and I can see the fire in their eyes, that we are near to making that insight an effective IMC Plan only if we had executed it well.Though we did not win the best team of the night, we are still proud that our team is included on theTOP3 teams . And having an inspirational chat with the great creatives TANKE TANKEKO is enough to say we are already the night's best team.

My heart pounded in excitement and happiness. I could not believe that I have gone this far. I am thankful so much to God for giving me this talent and wisdom. After that night ADOBO MAGAZINE interviewed us, and I am so flattered for it. I cannot wait to see the outcome when it's published.

On our next session, our scores are back again to zero. I hope we will be able to be included again on the second part of the Iron Creatives.

PS: Not much outfit pics here, for I just relied on my officemate's tripod and my self-timer camera. My apologies for the sudden shift of topics on this post, I am still starstruck with what happened last Wednesday.

See you tomorrow on my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!:)

moss green military dress-Secret Paris
liquid leggings- CaramelSundae Online
shoes- SM
Belt- tomato
accessories- Quiapo

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