Thursday, September 2, 2010


I have never tried wearing any androgynous outfits, well because I have never found a perfect pair of trousers...well until I got my army green trousers last week!

I envy other girls who can carry this kind of pants, and I thought maybe I can carry this trend also, and so I challenged myself to

I paired my trousers with my basic tee with a snakeskin print, and I think it blends with the army green color of my pants. And to add a little color, I put on my tan braided belt that I got from ukay for P80 only! I planned on wearing my wedges but then, the rainy season has kept me wearingmy plastic shoes. Well at least I saved my wedge from getting ruined. :)

PS: I was scammed by an online shop in multiply named SHOESTOCRAZY owned by the lady named Louise Oribello. BEWARE!!!

Army green pants- thrifted
snakeskin tee- from my supplier
belt- thrifted
accessories- Quiapo
plastic shoes- Sm
bag- Parisian


  1. love love the color Denise!!!
    You def. should score more of those pants!looks so classy!

    Oh I heard/read about what happened! My sister told me about it, she's your contact in multiply and she knows that I follow your blog. Why is there people like that? Shame on her!

  2. oh my! i love those pants! perfect fit and lovely color!!! great buy!!!

  3. Love your blog! These pants look great on you! It is best when we challenge ourselves outside our comfort zones. I am your newest follower.
    Check out my blog if you can:)


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