Friday, September 3, 2010


For about a week, rain has kept me cold and always feeling sleepy. Mr. Rain has
made my huge bag a bit heavy because of my umbrella. The cold weather made
it difficult for me to wake-up, all I wanted to do is just curl up
under my blanket.

Change topic. I felt so cold and decided to wear my thrifted black cape again. I paired it with my tribal printed long top and leggings. During this kind of season, all I want is to wear an all black outfit.

Don't you just love the print and the crystal buttons? :)

If you'll also notice I have been wearing my plastic shoes for most of my outfit posts. My other pairs of shoes are safe and asleep inside their own boxes, I hope Mr. Sun will shine again so I can wear them :)

Black tribal printed top- thrifted
black leggings- SM
plastic shoes- SM
Black cape- thrifted
Accessories- Quiapo


  1. i love your dress and shoes denise! so pretty! :)

  2. love the cape :) i'll check out your shop too :) thanks for the loves :)

    also, if you need a lil help with photos for your shop, i'm volunteering my boyf.. lol ;)

  3. looking gorgeous!!! and i loveee your hair!:)

  4. @ Aisa: oh thanks!I hope Aisa we can meet along wit Bestie and Melai:)

    @Scarlet April: Thanks dear! :)

    @thephotographersgirl: Oh how sweet of you sis! Oh really? Is your boyf a photographer?:)


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