Saturday, September 4, 2010


I was really looking forward to attend the 4th session of Raw School, not only because I tend to meet and greet great people from the advertising world, but also, I wanna personally meet and chat with the speaker of the night who is none other than "THE" David Guerrero. He's one of the best creative man in the Philippine Advertising Industry.

For some reasons or should I say destiny, me and my team mate wasn't able to attend the session. Well we were not absent but we were TOTALLY SUPER KADUPER late!!! We have to finish some office stuffs and our homeworks for that night, that's why we left around 8PM. So sad that our efforts seemed to fall straight ahead the trash bin! When we arrived at the BBDO 's office at Insular Life Bldg., no more traces of the Raw school session were there, we only saw manong guard and the janitors. I cannot explain how I felt that night, but when Francis(my former college classmate and right now Raw School buddy) told me that even if we didn't make it to the class, we still made it to TOP5 of the class and we will be competing with the best creative directors of the advertising industry on September 15!!!!Yay! We really need to prepare!

PS: What do you think is the best way to prepare our minds, and condition ourselves for the competition?:) hmmm....

Anyway I haven't had the chance to take a photo of what I wore on the night we weren't able to attend raw school, because I was so hagardness to the max!So here's what I wore yesterday.

Since the weather is cold, I wore my preppy long-sleeves bubble dress to keep me warm.
I like this dress so much because it's comfy and of course it has a cute silver ribbon. :)

Excuse the funny face, there were passers-by who also took my photos( gawd feelinko statwa ako or rebulto para picturan ako. So awkwardness!).

My blog's anniversary is yet to come! and my very first giveaway will be out soon!:) I hope most of my readers and other bloggers will join!:)

longsleeves dress- thrifted
gray belt- from my supplier
leggings- SM
Shoes- SM
acessories- Quiapo


  1. hi denise!:) i visit your online shop! it's really nice. i particularly love the twiggy shirt! i hope there will be some more. I hope to meet you too someday!!:) your style is really something ;)


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