Thursday, August 5, 2010


I enjoyed so much the session last night! Upon seeing the title, I know it will be a funny night! And I was right! Two funny creative directors gave their respective speeches, and I must say I learned a lot! If you are wondering what they have tackled about, it is all about our funny traits and our assets as Pinoy, that we can actually be proud of and not to be ashamed of. The first half of the evening was a presentation from Mr. Lilit Reyes (no photos because we are not allowed, I guess) well, he tackled about different Pinoy films reflecting the usual life of a Filipino family, its life living in a biased society, its struggles, its happiness etc,etc! Some of the films that he admires most are Kinatay (where Coco Martin is the leading man,directed by Brilliante Mendoza), Anak(starring Vilma Santos and Claudine Baretto), Dekada 70(Vilma and Christopher De Leon), and Pisay (an Indie Film reflecting the struggles of high school students in Philippine Science Hig School, til they graduated). The bottom line of his talk is that, watching Filipino films, and teleseryes are very helpful for US(young creatives of the advertising world) to know more about Filipino consumers to be able for us to arrive at concepts that will work and will sell for them.

On the second half of the night,a very funny and gay (literally and not) creative director from Publicis Jimenez Basic (agency behind the popular Greenwic “cheesy” commercial) Ricky Gonzales shares the funny side of being pinoy. He listed down on his presentation the funny traits of Pinoy like, creating acronyms as means of expressions.

Ex. OA- for over acting, KJ for Kill Joy, ST for sex trip, and so much more. It was so funny to realize that only Pinoys can do that! That even Merriam Webster cannot define our own terms. He also cited that we actually counteract our points like: “Ayoko magsalita…pero si ganyan ang panget-panget niya, kadiri!” Ayawdaw magsalita pero ang daming sinasabi haha!Funny right?! Another, “U yang ganda mo naman!” “Uy hindi naman masyado!Ikaw talaga!” Kunwari pang ayaw tumanggap ng praises todo deny to death pa, pero deep inside kilig naman! Aahaha! I just can’t stop laughing the whole night!

Before he ends his speech, he left us with a simple quote “Ang pagiging Pinoy hindi tinatago, hindi binubulong, at hindi kinakahiya. Ang pagiging Pinoy ay ipinagmamalaki!” – true right? Let us be a proud Filipino everyday!

That’s all for this session! Thanks a lot! Peklat!:)

PS: I was saddened that our last night’s entries for the “Print Ad of the night” didn’t win. I feel so depressed. As much as I want to take defeat as a challenge, I always end-up feeling so bad. Maybe it’s because the wound is still fresh:( I hope next session will be our time to win :)


Navy blue dress-thrifted

Black blazer- from Bestie’s Shop

Red shoes-from Cubao Expo


Accessories- Quiapo


  1. Denise!

    Sorry just been soo busy. :) Ok lang yan kahit di ka nanalo, may next time ka pa and you did learned a lot :) Yes sana may picture din tayo next time :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. “Ang pagiging Pinoy hindi tinatago, hindi binubulong, at hindi kinakahiya. Ang pagiging Pinoy ay ipinagmamalaki!” ---TRUE THAT!!! i love this line denise! at tawa ako ng tawa sa mga katotohanang nabanggit mo dito. Hahaha!

    PS. I love your blue dress! :)

  3. cute outfit! the dress is love and your blazer!!!

  4. you're the lucky one pala who got the blazer from bestie. Envy much :)


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