Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I tried the print-on-print trend on my own but instead of top and bottom pieces as partners, I used my printed top and my printed canvass bag as combo. I think the quirkiness of my top and bag mixed well, and I must say, they are a great deal! I got the top at divisoria for only P200 and the bag at the SM Department store for only P150!I always feel like a winner whenever I get items at low prices! I am such a recessionista!:)

Ah I am on the state of emergency! I just cant figure-out how to best promote Cubao Expo in a print ad! And not just print ad alone, but three series of print ads! I need help ladies! Maybe you could help me! My deadline is tomorrow already and I should be able to come-up with three series of print-ads for my homework tomorrow at Raw School! :)

Just tell me what do you wanna see if Cubao Expo would have a print ad?:) Thanks in advance!

Printed top- divisoria
black pants- divisoria
Wedges- SM
accessories- random

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  1. @ Denise: No I didn't dear. I'd die if I did. Haha. My boyfriend has a car. He picked me up and accompanied me there. That's the reason why I was able to dress up like that. :)

    Love your pants :)


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