Friday, August 6, 2010


I just saw the movie, INCEPTION of Leonardo DiCaprio. It was so AMAZING to the bazillion power! Yeah I may be too late discussing this film (coz I was so busy the whole month of July so I wasn’t able to watch earlier) but hey, it is now my number one favorite movie! Not only it is a sci-fi film, but also it is a movie with a heart, with an emotion. If you notice, what actually moves the story of the film is not its computer generated effects, but it’s the emotions of the characters- their sentiments. For me the effects are more of an added excitement, but if you go deeper with the story, you’ll know what I mean. Honestly, right now, the scenes are still fresh that I keep on reading its synopsis at Wikipedia. I can’t slightly understand the ending part in which DiCaprio is sitting in front of an old man (who is he?) and how come Saito woke-up if in the dream he died? I am still searching for the answers, and I know I am gonna dig in…more.


White shirt dress-thrifted

Corset belt-F&H


Accessories- quiapo


  1. The old man with DiCaprio was Saito :). Saito died in the dream and so, he was stuck in limbo. In the end, both of them were in limbo, only Saito was way older because he got there first and in dreams, they grow old by the minute (even hours) right?

    On Saito waking up, my theory was, remember when DiCaprio and old Saito (when they were in limbo) were talking, Saito grabbed a gun. And then the scene was cut. I assumed he killed both of them because the only way you wake up from the dream is to feel a "kick" or die (most likely they died) = and then they both wake up. :)

  2. i loved inception and i looove your cute shoes, i want some that colour!

  3. Inception is mind blowing ! i waited for 2 weeks cause tickets are always sold out !

    but i am still quite confuse with the ending though


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