Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Time flies by so fast that I almost forgot, store is already turning one. I cannot remember already the exact date it was established, but I know it was on August of last year. It was two weeks after my daughter's birthday when I thought of putting my own online fashion store. Before, I used to run TRENDSHOPPING with my best friend, but with some conflicts on our schedules, we set apart. For almost 6 months of its operation, I found out that selling online is very enjoying and something that not only gives me extra income, but also gives me a sense of fulfillment whenever poeple or customers likes my items. From then on, I told myself to continue selling, but this time I wanted to be more aggressive and more unique from the other online stores, hence the birth of SIMONE'S CLOSET. I named it after my daugther's third name: Simone, which is I found so very Posh and Chic(hence my store's tagline is "Where everything's Posh and Chic").

SIMONE'S CLOSET sells two categories of clothes, one, the ukay items where everything is from my favorite Ukay stores. The Second category, are the brand new ones which came from my ever loyal and very kind supplier. Ever since I started I always give freebies to my customer, one pair of cute earring or a ring for every item that they will buy. Plus, I have this "Freebie of the week" wherein one fab item will be given for free for someone who would FIRST purchase at least 3 items on my collections. Every collection will be on bid for about 1 week, and at the end of it, lucky bidders will get the items they bid for. What my cutomers are always looking for are my unique items and the way I styled them, that they can't see with the other stores. They always say they like the way my items are photographed, since they can see how each items can be styled from head to foot.

If other online stores are being run by two to three persons, well mine is only a "one-man force". Everything from marketing, to styling, to make-up, to quality control, to photography, to editting, to uploading, monitoring, accounting, and shipping- it's all me hehe! I am a superwoman! Well except for the cleaning of the clothes, I just hire a laundry shop for it. hehe! So you can really say my business has a lot of "Personal Touch" hehe!

I can say that my business is doing good, since I 've aready earned loyal cutomers and new ones, I have increased my capital already, I also hired someone to do a new layout for my store, and I can now afford paid advertising. My latest business venture is to hire a good endorser of my items, someone who can personify my store's personality. That's why I am thankful for having Bestie as my endorser. I am so happy the way she styled the top( it's for sale on my store).

So for my first year anniversary, I will release my collections on Friday August 20, 2010. Check-out Bestie's post about my store's anniversary HERE

PS: I will be raffling awesome waist belt from TOMATO and a very avante-garde necklace to those who will bid or buy on my store! See you!:)


  1. Oh my gosh, congratulations! :)

  2. congrats on your store's 1st anniv,denise!and you have a beautiful endorser. =)

  3. happy anniversary! :) we have an online boutique too HoneyandMe Fashion Store, the link is on my site. :) Check it out din if you have time.

    Congratulations. Sana mag thrive ang business hobbies natin.

    btw. the model is very photogenic. :)

  4. congrats on your shop anniversary! bestie looks great!

  5. thanks ladies!:) I hope you'll shop with my store one time! Bestie is now my new endorser but I am still the mannequin for my items hehe. I know Bestie is busy with work, and as much as I am so I didn't bother her to model all of my items. But expect to see her on all of my collection print ads! Thanks ladies!:)

  6. Bestie rocks all clothes:) congratz Denise!

    P.S. Emailed you about the shoes:)


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