Thursday, August 19, 2010


Last nights's RAW SCHOOL session was a bloody hell blast! Blast of tears, happiness, excitement, nervousness, inspiration, and a blast of socialization with the great young creatives! It was held at the SAATCHI HOUSE at Pasong Tamo Extension. The office was MARVELOUS! I was not able to get pictures because I didn't bring my camera for I know I won't be able to shoot due to I am more focused of the lesson than be a photographer(well I have pictures taken by someone I met there...Kitten of Adobo Magazine). Well yeah I enjoyed the whole night! Humongous pizza and overflowing beer has made the young creatives' night the best one!

If you don't know Andrew Petch he is the number 1 CREATIVES in the entire advertising industry here in the Philippines! He's so handsome and down to earth, and very inspiring. He shared all his experiences and some tips how to get to his position as such a young age. Oh mi God I swear I never looked at my watch the entire night coz I was kept interested by his entire presentation. Sorry I have no pictures of him. If I stumbled upon him I would definitely take a photo with him. By the way he is an Australian native.

Last night was also the lucky night of our agency since we won two awards for our homework last night. The clients: 1. TAMBOKIKOY'S Whole Chicken Inasal. (the chicken there is so delicious! A must try!)2. Manila Walking Tours. We are happy to say that we won BRONZE and SILVER for our entries for TAMBOKIKOY. I will post our entries soon! I have to take a nice photo of them muna.

That's all for now ladies!

Purple dress- The Ramp
snake-skin leggings- SM
Tan flats- Parisian
Accessories- gifted and from Quiapo


  1. Love your flats Denise!!!=)
    Oh do join my giveaway,=)

  2. OMG. I looooove your dress!!!! As in. Oh my goodnessssssssss!!! @-)


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