Friday, June 25, 2010


I got great comments about what I wore yesterday. I went to office wearing my boho tent dress I wore here. I paired it with my corset belt and with my yellow lace-up shoes. I went to my supplier yesterday, hoping that there will be new items, but sad to say it'll be on next week. I also would like to say, that I will be studying in RAW SCHOOL this July, a crash course in my field. I am so excited. I missed the feeling of going back to school again, only that, my mentors are really the big names in the Advertising world. :)

boho tent dress- thrifted
corset belt- F &H
yellow shoes- supplier
bag- thrifted
accessories- Quiapo


  1. Denise!

    Text me when before hand when you're going to your supplier :) I'll come with you!! :) Thank you!! Sana may magustuhan akong shoes that will fit within my budget :)


  2. I love that dress!!! Very boho chic!


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