Monday, June 28, 2010


I am in love with laces, it lets me feel so lady-like. I like to pair it with tailored-male-like blazers to balance its softness. I woke up last Friday, wanting to wear my lace polo and my navy blue blazer, and I was not wrong to combine them... it's a fantastic combination! I added my navy blue bow on my neck to add spice, and I wore my faded jeans to complement the blue color palette.

I managed to end the day with my blazer on, even though the weather that day was so so so humid! And excuse my untidy hair in the gif, the electric fan blew it all in front of my face.

lace polo- thrifted
navy blue blazer- thrifted
jeans- greenhills
bow- from my bathrobe
accessories- Quiapo


  1. hi denise!!! wow you're wearing jeans!=)
    I really love this outfit!=)
    Lalo n ang BF blazer mo, ang ganda tlg,=)
    Happy monday!=)

  2. PS--is the first pic the gif image?
    Wala kcng nagmomove sis,=)
    What's your Gif maker ba? try this program called
    Photoscape, it's downloadable online,=)

  3. hi denise! i love your lace top, so romantic, i actually adore lace pieces hehe. have a great monday!

  4. hi denise! i super love this look on you! I love everything in this outfit!!! :)


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