Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The weather has been so rude, that you can't really predict- by just seeing the sky dark- if it will rain or not. It's unpredictable. Yesterday morning was so sunny, and before lunch time, darkness ate the lovely blue sky, and later in the afternoon, rain has just begun to conquer again the busy streets. I was stocked on a waiting shed coz I can't ride on jeepneys or fxs or even a cab, because all is taken. I was there standing and slightly wet for about 30 minutes and more I guess.

Anyway, I wore the easiest piece of item in my closet, because I was so so late for work yesterday. I just put on my bf polo and my snake-skin leggings and voila! I am good to go!

On the other hand, rainy season, kinda makes me feel bad for I can't take my photos outside, and the surrounding is really really dark. I hope to get a good photo later! Oh Mr. Sun come out and shine now! Please!:)

bf polo- thrifted
leggings- SM
shoes- divisoria
ribbon necklace- handmade
rings- QUIAPO

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