Monday, May 24, 2010


Well, yesterday was the 7th birthday of my little girl's cousin held at Betty's Restaurant near Sto. Domingo Church and Angelicum. The theme of the party is Cars (the movie) so boyish right? Well the celebrant is a 7 year-old smart boy who loves everything about cars, as in at his age, he knows a lot of cars from the old to new models. We knew that the party will be more appreciated by the little boys since the theme is Cars, so I decided to look more girly along with my daughter, so she'll stand out among the sea of metals, and car things, and of course among the crowd of kids,.. and she did! We plan our outfits to look boho! So cool right? I got my dress at thrift store, and her outfit from head to foot are from Sm department store.

The party was so fun though the giveaways and the prizes were all of the "boy's things" hehe. I was surprised to see that my baby girl likes cars too! Wow a racer in the future? hehe!The food is great that we ended up with a big tummy. My hubby and my baby did a lot of bonding moments too! They were so so happy...but the day ended with me having an aching throat and a fever again. I am absent for today. Sad!:)

So here's some of the photos yesterday!:)

before we enter Betty's Restaurant :)

at home before we leave

doing her pose infront of Mater the car (Am I right with his name?)

strike a pose!

with the boys and the celebrant (in red) and his brother(in yellow)
my outfit
striking that boho chic pose hehe

this bag is from Australia, nice right?

some cam whoring hehe

tatay, did you see the dog there?hehe
it's there tatay!

yeah I saw it baby!

the to rest first :)

tent boho dress- thrifted
brown belt- divisoria
white sandals- divisoria
boho bag- gift from papa from Australia
ring and accessories- Quiapo

photos by my hubby!


  1. love love love the boho chic!

    know what's funny? i saw a little girl in a boho dress yesterday and told my bf that when we'll have a little girl, she'll wear full boho dresses..and dress like mommy.hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  2. Waaaah I love your outfit! Your bag is sooo nice, inggit ako! It goes well with the dress and belt.. <3

    Lee []

  3. Your dress is so cute and your daughter looks gorgeous. I'm really loving the bag too!

  4. You look AMAZING in that dress! It's so incredibly boho chic. <3 and yes, the bag is awesome. (:


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