Saturday, May 22, 2010


I am loving boho styles at this moment, especially dresses in shades of brown and with tribal prints. I bought 3 pieces of boho dresses, and of course I would love to share the photos with you. On sunday, I mean tomorrow, my family will be attending my cousin's sons' 7th birthday and I am planning to wear one of the dresses! I am so excited! I know I will have a hard time taking my photos tomorrow, but I will do my best to do so!

By the way the dress is from a thrift shop near our house, got it at P65 only!:)

boho dress- thrifted
corset belt- F&H
black leggings- greenhills
black shoes- sm
beaded necklace used as headband


  1. thx for following me dear...i follow u back via bloglovin :D

  2. I love the whole boho look too! The belt if fab. :)

  3. Great find on the dress! I've always wondered how to wear that belt, I saw some at SM yesterday. Haha. I may have to buy one now ;-)

    Ohyeah, you were referring to the flat oxford shoes? I thought you meant my gray heeled oxford shoes. Haha. The flat pairs (I have them in gray and black) are from Manel's. It's from their Maphisto collection. :)

    The teeny sewing machine I got on eBay. :)


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