Friday, May 21, 2010


I am the type of person that will do anything and everything just to keep things better. Just like when I see a broken thing, I mend it till I can. I put rugby, I put gluestick, I put mightybond etc etc. ... just to see it whole again. But then again, no matter how eager I am to put it back again in it's usual state, it will NEVER be the same again. It won't be the same coz there's damage to it, but I don't care at all! Damages are just signs that no such thing is perfect, that at the time of fall, there will always be a time to rise, that at the weakest point, there will always be a strong point. I guess my relationships to some important persons in my life, will never be the same again. Things just fall apart not because we wanted to but because we need to part ways to be able to feel again the emptiness, and importance of each other...and maybe if time permits, we'll be able to become whole again.

I like my photos below, first two were taken outside office, and mind you, lots o people were watching us as if they were watching a shooting. the last two photo were taken from my hubby's house!:)

polkadot dress- thrifted
purple belt- from boutique
grey tights- divisoria
purple shoes- So fab!
ring- quiapo


  1. love your purple bow belt,,,

    visit mine??...or maybe wanna follow me??... :D

  2. Sis! I super loooooove your dress plus the purple belt!!!! :D You look slim! :)


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