Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I tried to start my week in good vibes, but I don't know why I ended my day yesterday in the office with a bad mood. All I know is, there are things I don't like and I will never tolerate. I just can't understand why other people act as if they were a landing shooting star, going nowhere, very insensitive. I tried not to be affected but still I was.
Anyway, on a lighter note, I was transferred to a bigger desk since one of our officemates is already resigning. I am so happy that I can work better now and I love that I have a wall in front of me wherein I can put several inspirations to help fight my boredom especially in siesta hours.

I would like to thank Scarlet April for tagging me in her post. I will answer her post tomorrow. I lack time right now, I have to dress up and we will be leaving in 20 minutes! Oh gosh!:)

silver striped dress- thrifted
black leggings- greenhills
grey belt- boutique find
ring- Quiapo
shoes- divisoria


  1. i like your spooky tumbler :D

  2. Denise! You have a new layout :) Nice one. :)

    Aaaaw. You know the office. It's just like school with meaner girls (or boys). But I know you're tougher to handle those kind of people. :)

    Stay positive and focus on your work and on being happy. :) Will be here always for you!

    Style and Soul


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