Saturday, May 15, 2010


This was my outfit last Thursday. As you can see we were walking again at the streets of New Manila Quezon City, cause we were heading again for another brainstorming session at a near cafe! Sorry for the not so good background, almost of the houses in New Manila are vintage that's why we can't find something pleasant to be our background. We stopped by a house, and took our picture in front of it. The gate is so modernish in Black and White paint plus wire sculptures embedded on it. I hate people who meddles with what other people is doing! People who passed by us, were staring and laughing at us, I don't care at all, til one rude driver shouted "miss papicture naman oh!" cRAP!

The day ended with lots of pain: headache, heartache, and walletache haha

animal printed cover-up as top- thrifted
black inner tube- random find
black balloon skirt- thrifted
black gladiators- boutiue find
accessories- Quiapo

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