Friday, May 14, 2010


I never "ponytail" my hair, because I think my face will look more rounded than usual hehe. But last tuesday, I took the risk of tying my hair in ponytails. I must say that it looked well, maybe because of my bangs that somewhat hide the curves of my face.

These photos were taken last Tuesday when we went to UP Diliman for some research in their library, unluckily, we were not able to enter the library because we need to give them a letter of recommendation first. So instead of wasting of our time, we headed to Megamall Powerbooks and just made a short reading session before we went straight home. We passed by a Korean cosmetics store, the Etude house, it's so pretty and I think the items are affordable. I am hoping that the next time I come across this store again, I'll buy the pinkish lipstick, just like the shade Barbie is wearing all the time. :)

grey puff long sleeves- thrifted
black leggings- greenhills
yellow lace-up shoes- boutique find
bib necklace- simonescloset
ring- quiapo

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