Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well, yesterday is a not-so-good day for me, I came to office with fever, and went home with fever pa rin. Ugh I feel like I don't wanna come to office later, but we need to finish naming our newborn baby. I mean, our client, who's about to give a name to a newborn project... branding communications is what I meant about this process. It's very tough that we ended up filling the whole white board with lots of names. Ugh! We need to segregate them later! We need to erase the names that are irrelevant, and complicated to say and spell, and keep those names that can give justice to the new project.

Sohere's my outfit yesterday, excuse the funny face, I can't help but laugh, coz lots of people we're looking at us while taking these photos. :)

balck inner top- thrifted
white lacey polo- thrifted
sailor cream vest- thrifted
ribbon necklace- handmade
black ring- Quiapo
blak pants- divisoria
black shoes- sm dept. store
vintage drop earrings- Quiapo

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