Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I grew up knowing life is just simple, but as I face my everyday life, it's just so complicated. I realized that, what makes a man's life difficult, is how he navigates himself. We just wanted to continue, and we stare ONLY at what we can get at the end of the road, we don't mind what's around us, and never wants stop just for a while... even though we need to. I see life as a very long winding road, with lots of surprises coming your way, we have to be prepared with whatever "something" will pop out of our way. As we move-on, we need to stop just for a while to be able to keep moving, this is why stop-overs in life matters most to me. I came to a point that, I felt I am always stopping, that as if my stop-overs is much frequent than my travels. But I thank God that above all of those stop-overs, I gain something for me to be able to continue my journey... it's as simple as getting a drink in a convenience store before sailing again for another road trip. We just have to be happy and humble enough to face stop-overs in our lives, remember, a great sailor who dreamt of sailing around the world, wouldn't succeed unless he takes a stop-over to evaluate how he's going, and to stop for a while to look where he's heading to.

... ended the day with a better condition than the other day, I guess I am moving back to my journey again, after two straight days of fever while at work. :)

...hehe I hope I make sense.

mustard yellow sailor dress- thrifted
black leggings- divisoria
black belt divisoria
brown shoes- divisoria
black ribbon- handmade
black ring- Quiapo
black blazer- thrifted


  1. I love the blazer and the dress!=)...
    Have a happy day!

  2. What a beautiful dress, I love the mustard colour :)


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