Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hi guys!I'd like to thank Melai for giving me suggestion on what to do with my photoshop problem. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU GIRL! I was not able to read blogposts because my duaghter was sick for two days I can't leave beside her that's why I was not online for two days. And thank you also to Ann for giving me advices about photoshop! I so so love your thrifting adventures! hehe Finally I recovered my photoshop! And I am near the finish line of editing my collections! I am so excited!

Yesterday, me and my officemates were supposed to go on a birthday party but it rained so hard, that we just decided to go home, since other roads were flooded and traffic is accumulating. So nothing special happened yesterday, just headaches from a very pressuring work day!

So here's what I wore yesterday! My recent thrift find from Quiapo: a peter pan collared tunic blouse!:)

black tunic top- quaipo
black leggins-divisoria
black shoes- sm
black belt- divisoria


  1. Hi!=). Where are the Ukay Shops in Quiapo? I saw one when I went there last saturday sa Church, it was right across the other street. Is it where you shop? I didn't go yet since I was wearing dress and heals (totally uncomfortable to wear when Ukay shopping),plus I was with the Boyf who was not feeling well,=). I think I'll try ukay shopping there just once, to see what treasures I can find,=). Hope it's safe to shop alone though,=).

  2. You went all black again! :D It's cool. I want a dress like yours. :P I think it would be sexier if you wear it without leggings! Haha. But both are cool. :P

  3. Uy Arianne! Thanks sa pagbati. Na-special mention mo pa ako. Heheh. Thanks!!! No prob kahit belated na. I don't really mind, it's the greeting that matters :)

    Love you girl!

    Melai :)


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