Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I had so much fun last night when me and my family went to the mall to stroll around my baby who had just recovered from 2 days of fever. We were so happy to see her again active and so malikot! We brought her to My Little Playroom for a fun night with her usual playmates back then before she had her fever. I can see her smile the whole night.

But all of these happiness went to a bad feeling when my photoshop suddenly corrupted, while I was on the middle of my editting session for my upcoming collections! I am so delayed already, and I was supposed to upload them tomorrow, but apparently, I have to postpone it AGAIN!and instead, have them uploaded on friday! I was updating my Norton Anti-virus when it asked me to restart my laptop to complete the session, I followed the instructions, but before I clicked the restart button, I closed first the photoshop, and the laptop opened again, I clicked photoshop but it didn't open, it says " adobe photoshop has stopped working" duh! And then I download photoshop again and installed it but unluckily, it didn't work again! Badtrip! Can anybody here help me resolve my problem? Pleeaassee?!!!

Before I totally get mad and have this keyboard torn out of my anger, I'd like to show to you what I wore yesterday to office and to the mall!:)\

P.S Can anyone help me on my dilemma?I badly need your help guys!

Blue tassled long top- thrifted
black snakeskin leggings- gift from hubby
black blazer-thrifted
black shoes- landmark
black ring- Quiapo
silver bracelet- gift


  1. hi deary, is your Photoshop a full licensed version? if not---maybe that's the problem..since you are connected OL, and maybe using an unregistered version of the program and the manufacturer has detected it..or if you are using a free version or a licensed one, maybe your laptap is not meeting the system requirements of the program?=) Anyway, that's just my opinion though, better check it with a technician or someone who uses Photoshop too,=)..and good luck on your collections and hi s baby=)

  2. You want to try using other programs muna? Before nasiraan ako, I used paint. Hahaa. Nagreformat ako kaya gumana ulit siya :)


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