Saturday, May 8, 2010


I am enjoying the fact that girls most of the time are in love with playing dress-up. I remember the days when I was playing with my barbie, alongside with my playmate, we used to compete who has the most beautiful barbie between the two of us. I was really challenged then all the time, that I had to ask my parents to buy me a barbie with clothing sets that you can customize (before during my childhood days, there's a special edition of it). And that impulse buy, made me win all the time. Up to now. playing dress-up has made me discover what my style really is. I dress according to my mood and to the weather. I love leggings, loose tops, tunic tops, belts, sandals, and flat shoes. I used to sew my own clothes back then, but I haven't had the chance to take a photo of it, cause I am just excited to wear it and nothing else.

And so yesterday, I play dress-up, I was inspired by Rachel Bilson's outfit, but apaprently I forgot to take my photo, because of the very tiring and busy day. So here's my inspiration (I swear I will never forget to take my outfit photos!) see the photo here cause the photo cannot be downloaded :)

The photos below are my playing dress-up session during the photoshoot of my VANITY COLLECTION!

P.S: Does anybody know where can I buy an affordable pair of oxford flats? Please help me! I want one!

loose blouse-thrifted
navy blue skirt-
brown belt-divisoria
black shoes-parisian
head dress- handmade


  1. such a cute outfit! love the top!

    by the way, to answer your question, i work in MediaCom. from what advertising agency are you?

  2. Que linda! Always beautiful!!! Love the flowiness of that top!

  3. happy mothers day pala sayo at sa mom mo

  4. you can buy oxford flats from tonic @ the ramp. they're on sale, last time I was there. around 700 yung sale price. :) nice blog!


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