Sunday, May 9, 2010


If there's one person in this world that I'd like to thank to it's my mama!Thank you for everything and for understanding even the most difficult situations of my life. My love for you is lovelier and stronger than red...Always take care of yourself! Love you! HAPPY MOTHER;S DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS IN THE WORLD! I SALUTE YOU!:)

Now for this outfit post. I found this lovely shorts with red polkadots button on the pockets, at a thrift store near our house. I styled it by wearing my red tanktop plus the silver ribbon and the black wedges. I think I like this outfit so much! So comfy and unique! I am selling this shorts at my online store Simone's Closet! You can bid it or buy it now! Just click the link to see what other items I have inside!:)

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  1. Happy mother's day sweety! <3
    I checked out your multiply shop, you have so many cute clothes! :D


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