Saturday, May 29, 2010


Last night ended so happy with my hubby! We went to the mall for a little bonding session and erase out the stress. He took care of me the whole night while we were strolling around to buy jeggings...but unfortunately we found none. I was so disappointed, and really craving to have one, and I promised myself to go back to the first mall I went and where I saw that uber pretty jeggings in indigo! I am planning to buy a flat shoes too!:)

Today, I went to High Precission for a chest X-ray, as suggested to me by my cousin's husband who's a doctor too like her. The result will come out on Monday, and I am wishing there won;t be any negative conclusions. I am crossing my fingers to positivity:)

white polo- thrifted
black leggings- sm dept. store
yellow shoes- boutique find
brown vest- thrifted
bangle- gift

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  1. sorry to hear you're still sick...feel better soon!

    and oh, my sister has some jeggings in her store..unfortunately, it's in cebu..hehe. i can't wear it's super unflattering to me..buhu.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥


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