Thursday, April 8, 2010


I hate mediocrity. Mediocre environment, mediocre people, and mediocre job. I hate yesterday! In as much as I wanted to specify things, I would rather keep silent. I know for a fact that even though I was so busted yesterday, I know in time I am out of this! I swear I want to QUIT!I want to quit the environment of mediocrity! If only I could find another job so quick! My heart is pounding! And Iam craving and hungry for a REAL JOB! A job that let's me feel I am important and valued. And a job that feeds my thirst for knowledge. I just wanted to release what I feel inside, and if someone felt I hurt him or her with this entry, I sincerely apologize, I have no intentions to hurt you, I just wanted to let this feeling out.

Just wanted to end this entry with a lighter view... my outfit yesterday. I still managed to have my outfit post taken, even if I am in a bad mood.

Black cape- thrifted
grey top- landmark
black leggigns- greenhills
grey shoes- divisoria

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  1. I have bad days in the office too! Sometimes its really hard to shake off bad feelings when someone takes effort to upset you or a piece of work frustrates you. I always find that its takes far more wasted energy to hurt someone than be nice.

    Here's to a better working week for your next week!


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