Friday, April 9, 2010


I said in my previous entry that I will be posting the pictures of our dinner bonding with my friends. So here they are...we had the dinner at Gerry's Grill inside Manila Ocean Park. Oh by the way, we forgot to take a photo of the uber yummy sizzling sisig! We ate it already when we remembered we don't have a picture of it hehe.

The working girls with baby Mishka

Baby Mishka's three bodyguards

Group picture before we left

We are all full and happy!

Yum!My favorite beef spaeribs!

Baby Mishka's leche flan

Sefood Rice!Yum!

The working girls!hehe

Yum! So yummy chicken lollipop

Baked Scallops

Me and the graduate

My two mares! Mareng Fonah and Mareng Dada

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