Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Yesterday is another sizzling hot day in Manila. And I cannot think of anymore outfits that can be worn under the boiling heat, yet office proper. I decided to wear my light grey bat-wing one-piece dress, paired with brown blazer and my black gladiators sandals. Before I went out of the house, my feeling is so refreshing, but as I went out of the house and on my way to the office, my sweat keeps on coming-out. Whoa!
We had another brainstorming session then, for we need to finalize everything before thursday, since another presentation is scheduled for that day, instead of brainstorming at Jack's loft, we held it at Dezaato Pan in Tomas Morato. I am so sorrry AGAIN for my horrible face, because my photographer there is not concentrating while taking my photos. Ugh!If only I can use a tripod...oh well. THE BRAINSTORMING WENT WELL with my two officemates. We came up with a good concept, cause our three brains really did a great STORM!
Last night after the HAPPY THREE FRIENDS' brainstorming hehehe, we (me and my hubby) treated the barkada to a dinner at Gerry's Grill in Ocean Park Manila. The night was great and full of laughters and stories. We were three pairs of lovers hihihi, but Hanz and Dada is the only pair who doesn't have a baby yet. That's why a lot of teasing is thrown to them, we were pressuring them to make their baby too!hahaha!A lot of chats to catch-up with the long time we hadn't bond. I will post later or tomorrow the pictures. cause I am still sleepy. As of now here's the photos of our brainstorming!

grey dress- thrifted
brown vest- thrifted
black gladiator sandals- random find
black bag-SM Dept. Store
Flower necklace- handmade

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